Alicia Borisonik

Parallel to her profession as a musician and composer, Alicia has a 17 year long career as a music educator.

As a licensed Music Therapist, Alicia has worked with patients in hospitals. She has taught piano, guitar and violin both privately and in schools. She created a series of workshops, residencies and programs about Latin American music.

Her Latin-American Music workshops have been presented at Canadian Museum of Civilization, National Art Gallery, Nepean School of Music, The Ottawa Folklore Centre, The National Arts Centre, various branches of the Ottawa Public Library, community centres, Whitehorse Elementary School and many other schools in the Ottawa area and featured on TVOntario.

Along with her husband in 1994, Alicia founded Del Fuego a Latin American group for young audiences.

Over a period of four years Alicia was awarded four ARTISTS IN EDUCATION GRANTS from Ontario Arts Council and SOCAN to teach a program of music composition which she created. In 2002 she received an SPECIAL PROJECT IN SCHOOLS GRANT from Ontario Arts Council that allowed her to work for 3 months in local schools teaching songs and dances from Latin America. This project ended with an incredible performance at Fisher Park School in which almost 100 students took part.


One of her successes was during fall of 2003 and 2004 when Alicia was invited to Whitehorse, Yukon to perform with local musicians and also offer workshops and residencies in schools.Currently she teaches music to special needs kids at Our Lady of Peace Catholic School.She is also doing her Latin American music residencies at St Michael's Catholic School, Our Lady of Victory Catholic School, Elgin Public School and Woodroffe Public School.

Alicia now has a new position as the Program Event Coordinator for the Ottawa Folklore Centre as well as piano teacher.


Music Composition for Children
(Grades 3 to 8)

The objective of this course is to learn how to compose a simple piece of music. Students work in small groups, using recorders and percussion instruments. (instruments will be provided). The musical concepts taught in this course are related to the Ontario Music curriculum. Lessons are, of course, age appropriate and adaptable according to the students’ past musical experience.Compositions can be performed and recorded at a final concert at the school.

Curriculum links:
Create and perform music using a variety of sound sources
Identify notes (whole, half , quarters and eighths)
Read and perform simple rhythmic patterns
Distinguish intervals by step and by skip
Create musical compositions that show appropriate use of various elements of music
Identify simple forms in music (A-B-A, AA-B-A)

6 or 12 lessons of 40 minutes
Contact Alicia for more information


Music Appreciation and Movement
(KG to grade 6)

This course  provides children with a unique opportunity to learn about, listen to, and even play several percussion instruments, which have been collected from all over the world.
Through active participation in a variety of kinetic games and activities, children will explore several key musical concepts including; pitch, beat, dynamics, timbre and tempo.
By singing songs from all over the world that reflect Canada’s diversity, children will have an opportunity to learn about other cultures.  

Curriculum Links
This course covers almost all the Ontario Music Curriculum Links.
Here are some:
Distinguish between beat and rhythm in a simple song
Identify examples of dynamics in music
Sing music from a variety of cultures
Identify notes and rests
Identify simple structural patterns in music
Create a musical accompaniment for a story

Fees: Depends on duration of the program.

Music and dances from Latin America residency
(K to grade 8)

Over a five-day residency, students will explore the music, legends, social and cultural traditions of Latin America. Students learn Latin-American songs and play rhythms on authentic instruments. (provided)
Traditional legends are dramatized and staged for a final performance for the school and community.

Curriculum Links:
Social Studies;
Demonstrate an understanding that Canada is a country of many cultures
Identify the significant features of various family cultures
Identify major early Civilizations (Latin America)

Sing music from a variety of cultures
Accompany songs using appropriate rhythmic instruments
Create and perform a song based on a scene from a story

Drama and Dance:
Create works of drama and dance using appropriate elements.
Describe aspects of dances from a variety of culturesRehearse and perform small-group drama and dance presentations drawn from stories

5 full days (max 6 classes per day)


• Prince of Peace Catholic School
• Notre Dame High School
• St Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic School
• St Jerome Catholic School
• Our Lady of Victory Catholic School
• Our Lady of Peace Catholic School
• Dunlop Public School
• Elgin Street School
• Fisher Park / Summit Alternative School
• Manor Park
• Broadview Public School
• Riverview Alternative
• Woodroffe Avenue
• Whitehorse Elementary School, Whitehorse, Yukon Territory

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