Alicia Borisonik

Busco un Lugar (“Looking for my Home”) 2008

This is Alicia's 2nd full length CD and features collaborative partner, drummer and artistic producer Ross Murray, who created the loops, percussion and arrangements. The roster of musicians includes Alvaro De Minaya on bombo leguero and Latin percussion; Stuart Watkins and Tom McMahon on bass; Sunita Gingras playing violin; Rene Gely on guitar; and Daniel Srugo on Spanish guitar. Along with composing and arranging, Alicia Borisonik plays piano, accordion, and vocals. Busco un Lugar is distributed in Canada by Outside Music.

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Alicia Borisonik- Esa Locura de Vivir

Recorded at 'Soundweb Enterprises' studio, Richmond Ontario 2000 the album features: Alicia Borisonik on keyboard and vocals; Alvaro de Minaya on congas, bongos, bombo leguero (Argentinean drum) and Latin percussion; Bruce Wittel on drums; Tom McMahon on acoustic bass, fretless and ballace; and Jean Letang on alto, tenor and soprano sax and flute.

Guest musicians include Mariana Melero (backup on tracks 1, 6, 10); Lolo Micucci (backup vocals in track 10); and Oscar Gonzalez (bandoneon in tracks 2, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 10)

All songs composed and arranged by Alicia Borisonik

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Tango complicado - MP3 sample

Mateando - MP3 sample

Capuccino - MP3 sample

Casino Tango - MP3 sample

Entropia - MP3 sample

Ese rato - MP3 sample

Latinman - MP3 sample

Media Naranja - MP3 sample

Melancolia de Bs As - MP3 sample

Esa locura de vivir - MP3 sample

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